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The most transparent decentralized crypto exchange.

DEFI & DEC777 Token

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Why is DEC777 Token ?

DEC777 Token is DeFi Exchange and ERC777 combined, We write on Ethereum ERC777 platform. A new upgraded protocol that is optimal, most modern and most expected.

DEC777 Token is a decentralized exchange of DeFi and DeFi token protocols.

There DEC777 Token is the main token of the exchange.
Most exchanges have robots or technical teams using buy-back orders between traders but traders they don't know. The reality is that they are buying and selling with exchanges rather than P2P.

DEC777 Token will not be able to intervene to push the price of any defi token, it is completely transparent and no one can manipulate DeFi on DEC777.

DEC777 Token dispersion technique.
We have dispersion technique, something that not everyone has. It has absolutely no servers in a fixed place, all data is stored in global space. You absolutely can use that data deep in the ground or in space.
There are many other exchanges in the world but their nature is still gathered in one place.

What is DEC777 Token?

       1. DEC777 Token is a token built on Ethereum’s ERC777 contract.
       2. DEC777 Token will be the guarantee value for loans, swaps.
       3. Fee schedule for trading activities
DCF Campaigns

Token Development and DCF Marketing.

Best Token Practices

Legal governance, risk management, and compliance.

Unique Size of Market

Starting in July 2020, DEC777 Token can be utilized for many purposes.

Operational platform

Decentralized Platform for Tokens and Smart Contracts.

Feature on DEC777 Token

1. Spot deals                                     4. Open interest

2. Margin trading                              5. DEC777 Token wallet

3. Futures deals                                6. DEC777 Token  Crown funding

7.Trading pair

And some other features …

DEC777 Token supports all DeFi trading pairs and more than 20 other cryptocurrency trading pairs including BTC, ETH, USDT, DEC777 coin …

DEC777 transaction fee

1. All input transactions with DEC777 are free.

2. Many tokens are free to withdraw money.

3. Transaction fee will be assigned for each separate transaction.

4. New Token listing fee will be calculated based on DEC777 or free.

Ecosystem DEC777 Token

DEC777 Token has many open ecosystems. Future ecosystems that not all other exchanges have.

DEC777 platform

DEC777 is the world's first completely decentralized derivative exchange that does not hold assets with reliable cross-chain trading.

Margin Trading

Make profits and withdraw quickly: Margin trading creates a common playing field where investors can make profits very quickly and help them withdraw profits almost instantly. Cross-border transactions.

Futures Contract

The attractiveness of futures products is that investors can buy / sell without holding the corresponding underlying asset because futures are transactions based on the price expectation of the futures contract. the investors. Therefore, when you believe that the market will fall, investors can completely sell the futures contract to protect their portfolios first and then buy to take profits.

DEC777 lending P2P

With the idea that bringing borrowers and investors together can help people succeed. Our DEC777 lending P2P platform helps borrowers take control of their debt and empowers people to achieve their financial goals.

Wallets DEC777

The combination of many chains and a transparent safe coin storage, the open gateway to decentralized trading.


DEC777 supports all trading coins in the DEC777 trading platform, optimizing investor returns

dec dcf
DCF Launchpad

A launchpad for innovative investment projects, startups, fundraising in the crypto market.

Creative start-up fund

DEC777 will accompany startup creators and provide technology, human resources, media, and the goal of building a healthy and sustainable cryptocurrency environment.

DEC cloud

DEC777 Cloud

  • 100% Total Supply

  • 77,78% Circulate

  • 22,22% Locked

  • 37,63% DCF

  • 24,07% Team Dev

  • 16,08% Angel Invest

  • 18.000.000 Total supply

  • 14.000.000 Circulate

  • 4.000.000 Locked

  • 6.777.000 DCF

  • 4.333.000 Team Dev

  • 3.000.000 Angel Invest

Information of Tokens

Distribution # token
Total Supply 100% 18,000,000
Circulate 77,78% 14,000,000


Unlock 1 million token/ year

22,22% 4,000,000
DCF 37,63% 6,777,000
Team Dev 24,07% 4,333,000
Angel Invest 16,08% 3,000,000

Start DCF

Sept 07, 2020,  10:30:00 UTC

Road Map

How To Buy Our Tokens

Start: Sept 07, 2020, 10:30 AM (UTC)
Hard cap: 5000 ETH
Soft cap: 21.000 ETH
Token: DEC777
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 500 DEC
Project protocol: ERC777

Payment Methods

DEC777 Token Contract Address

The following address is for the DEC777 token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. 


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