DeFi Crowd Funding

DCF stands for DeFi Crowd funding. This is a DEC777 method that combines the present and the past forms.
DCF here is a new language, a great combination in the future. Those who approach this innovation will have a truly new and transformative view.
DCF will replace ICO, IEO, when DeFi’s capitalization is at low level, I believe that the future not far from DeFi’s capitalization may be better than current Coinmarketcap. Those who have a vision with DeFi will become a monument in the future. There will be hundreds of new capital-raising projects later using this term DCF.

Advantages of DCF.
All investors will not need to register an account, avoid disclosure of personal information, No need to transfer money to the floor. Anyone who has a trust wallet, Metamask, my etherwallet … can use Dapp to access and buy new tokens, this is a distributed technique that will be widely used by people later.
DCF also avoids fraudulent organizations and hackers, showing the transparency of investment.
We have a clear operational plan, practical needs of the project. Provided for the most professional and modern investors.

Angel investor
1, Registered separately with DEC777
2, Pool from 200 ETH to 5000 ETH to the address: 0x8ef0D699a1F23aea6750ca45A3AEc33f85551132
3, Price 10% lower than DCF price
4, Open 30%, quarter after 20%
5, Divestment at any time
6, Support list Token , DCF
7, Displaying strategic partners on website
8, Enjoy% profits from trading platform for a lifetime

9, Proposing members to represent with DEC777

Note: All angel investors enjoy the same benefits based on token holdings.

If an investor wants to sell off his token once, DEC777 shareholders will buy first at the current market price.