1. How to buy tokens?

DEC777 tokens will only be sold here: https://dcf.dec777.com at September 07 2020 10:30 GTM. The tokens will be transferred immediately after buying.

2. How many DEC777 tokens can I buy?
Min 0.101 ETH and Max 100 ETH

3. Is DEC777 a Token Defi?
DEC777 Token is definitely Token Defi, you can check it on Etherscan.io

4. What is ERC 777?
You can read more about it here.

5. Why does DEC777.com have no registration or login?
This is P2P Defi exchange and you must log in on Dapp from wallets such as Trust, Metamask, Coinbase …

6. What is ecosystem DEC777 Token?
DCF has an open ecosystem, you can explore all features on DEC777.com

7. I want to work more with DEC777. How do I do?
Please contact us and put your contact there.

8. DEC777 is reliable and safe?
DEC is absolutely safe, fully decentralized derivative exchange that does not hold assets.

9. DEC777 have margin ?
DEC777 margin is currently various level of margins from X10 and can be up to X1000

10. What is a DEC777 token worth?
The value of the DEC token depends on the community using it.

11. What is the future of DEC777?
There will be many organizations and individuals that accept DEC777 as a collateral, fees and insurance ….

12. How long will my problem be solved?
Any problem will be solved immediately, within 01 working day at the latest.

13. Does DEC777 have a community?

You are the community of DEC777 and hundreds of thousands of other members are online here.